They don’t come with much more energy than Hannah Brause.

The AST Instructor from Astoria High School is quickly proving herself as a top notch educator and was selected as the 2010 OVATA Teachers Turn Hannah Brause with her students from Astoria FFAthe Key award winner. When the announcement was made at the Oregon State FFA Convention, Ms. Brause brimmed with excitement. “You can’t believe how much this means to me. To have my peers select me for this is really an honor.”

Ms. Brause, who took the reins at Astoria High School three years ago, has seen multiple changes in her tenure there. She has taken the program from non-existent to one that has produced several state degrees as well as a great deal of support from both students and community. By incorporating science into the program, she has broadened the scope of the opportunities offered students.

That is something that is not taken lightly by her students. According to former student Alicia Keller, Brause has truly made a difference. “Without FFA, I don’t think I’d even be graduating. Ms. Brause has truly changed my outlook. Without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

With the Teacher Turn the Key Award comes a scholarship to attend the National Association for Agricultural Educators Conference in Las Vegas. The experience is a professional development dream come true for young educators. Brause is truly thankful to be a part of agricultural education. “Agricultural educators are among the most dedicated individuals you will ever meet, and I am proud to be associated with such amazing professionals.”