“10x15” is the ambitious, long-range strategic goal for agricultural education.


Team Ag EdThe focus of this unprecedented effort is to create new programs in communities not yet served by agricultural education and FFA and to strengthen the quality of current programs providing personal, academic and career education in agriculture.  In order to meet these lofty goals, Oregon Agriculture Education and OVATA need to supply high quality and motivated agriculture education students to pursue a rewarding career in agriculture education.


To help address this professional need, OVATA will be developing a database of self-identified students who are interested in the career opportunities of being an Agriculture Educaiton Teachers at the high school or college level.  Please be refer high achieving, college bound Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who are interested in the Teach Ag Profession. The future of our profession on the local, state, and national level depends on who we find to replace and work along side of ourselves.  Please have your students submit their contact information or submit on their behalf.... Future Ag Teacher Referral Form