Shop Management Seminar 2024 - July 29-Aug 1

Oregon State University - Agricultural Education and OATA will again offer a week-long seminar on Welding and Woods Shop Management this summer.  The course will be July 29-August 1, 2024 at Sutherlin High School.  Participants will be able to focus on the content and training that will best fit their own situation.


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Summer Conference 2024 - Lebanon

OATA Summer Conference will be June 18-20 at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Oregon.

We are super excited to have you all this summer. We are going to be hosting you at the new Knife River training center. You will get to see the great facility they have built and how it works.


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Hotel Options:  

Rooms are reserved under Oregon Agriculture Teachers Association. 
It is important that you tell them you are with Oregon Agriculture Teachers Association and not OATA.
100 Opal Ct, Albany, OR 97322
(541) 497-7782
Confirmation Code - CF2208
105 Opal Ct, Albany, OR 97322
(541) 928-8820
(this one didn't have a code)


OATA Professional Development Strands

OATA has established the following areas (referred to as ‘Strands’) that all professional development programming will be based upon.


  • Program planning for Fall, Summer, and other conferences and programming organized and executed by OATA will utilize the following Strands in order to plan workshop and programming topics
  • All topics must fit into at least one of the Strands
  • At least one Program of Study Pathway will be emphasized yearly, with all pathways being emphasized at least once every four years
  • All Strands do not have to incorporated into every PD event
  • Every effort for a diverse program of topics and content areas should be made
  • OATA Leadership and Program Organizers will identify which Strand(s) every session is aligned with for communication with administrators and other stakeholders
  • Strands will be reviewed and modified as needed by the Professional Growth Committee


Adopted Strands:

  • Program of Study Pathways Content Areas
    • Animal Systems
    • Plant Systems
    • Agribusiness
    • Power, Structure, and Technology
  • Other Agricultural Science & Technology Content Areas
  • FFA (including but not limited to)
    • CDE
    • Leadership Development
    • Program of Activities
    • Awards
    • Alumni
  • Supervised Agricultural Experience
  • Agriscience Inquiry
  • Pedagogy/Teaching Strategies
  • Program Planning
  • Early Career/Mid-Career/Experienced Teacher cohorts



Last updated:  June 2015