Summer Conference this year included a lot of "change".

Of course, we are more than aware of change.  Changing budgets, changing technologies and issues in agriculture, and change in education are...well, no change from the past.  But this time change came in several forms and useful tools.

Delta1Change included new ways to teach hydroponics in your program, presented by Mitch Coleman.  Changes in Program of Study and Perkins were also reviewed with Dr. Reynold Gardner.  Chris Guntermann of Horticultural Services Inc also shared ways to change the way you manage and teach in the greenhouse.

Change took us south of the border to Prather Ranch in California, seeing how their self-contained facility and closed herd ranches take organic and natural product from field to processing to retail packaging.

Lastly, change was literal in "A Taste of Delta," facilitated by Dr. Kyle McGregor of Tarleton University (more inside).  All in all, plenty of ways to handle change!

Several resources are now shared on the website as well as reviewed in these pages.  So review if you were there in Klamath or learn if you couldn't make the trip!

Workshop Materials Links
You can find many of the materials presented at Summer Conference online at the OVATA website-

Highlights (click to see it):

- Program of Study/TSA materials presented by Dr. Reynold Gardner, ODE

- Hydroponics presented by Mitch Coleman, Dayton

- Greenhouse Management presented by Chris Gunterman, Horticultural Services Inc

- Ideas Unlimited presented by several teachers

- Report from Ernie Gill, National FFA

Get online and check it out!