Last Updated: 15 March 2013 15 March 2013

OSU LogoIs spring fever real or is it an “old teachers’ tale?” According to research, spring fever is a real phenomenon that happens to all people when the sunshine and warm temperatures of spring arrives. Spring fever not only impacts our students, but it also affects faculty, staff, and even the lunch ladies. Science has shown that transformation in weather influences the biological, physical and psychological changes occurring in the body. I always thought spring fever was an excuse for students to be lazy, restless, and just looking for a way to get out of working! Spring fever is real and we need to prepare differently to control the fever. 

Spring fever is a real occurrence that is both chemical and emotional, and can make a big impact on learning as well as our relationships with students. It is easy to become frustrated with students during the fever. We must remember that the fever will break, but relationships with students can be harmed or destroyed due to our aggravation with their symptoms. Positive feedback can help reduce the spring fever distractions that students face. The last few weeks of school should be ones of high productivity and high satisfaction for students as well as teachers. Best wishes as you complete your school year and that you end on the highest note.