Oregon State University - Agricultural Education and OATA will again offer a week-long seminar on Welding and Woods Shop Management this summer.  The course will be July 29-August 1, 2024 at Sutherlin High School.  Participants will be able to focus on the content and training that will best fit their own situation.

Registration: https://forms.gle/5girQ5Z8ueVAqUgL8


This week-long session will provide you with the confidence to teach manufacturing skills and tools. Designed for introductory and intermediate welding and woodshop manufacturing teachers, this highly customizable and modular course will prepare you for the requirements you’ve never been formally trained on before: hands-on curriculum, maintenance, projects, funding, and machine selection.

You will have the choice to either focus on welding or woodshop. Our goal is for you to leave ready to maximize the shop you have at home. Participating teachers will leave with all electronic resources, a binder of handouts and project guides, project examples you will build in lab and can use in your program when you get home, teaching resources, curriculum, weld examples, and more. You will be asked ahead of time to complete a survey of current level of experience, your shop facilities you have to work with, and other information that will allow the instructors to tailor the week to best fit your needs and wants.


Dress to work; be prepared to perform the tasks you’ll ask of your students, and don’t be afraid to know absolutely nothing before you get here, or have ten years experience, but feel there is more you can be doing in the manufacturing area. You will learn, weld, cut, paint, design, finish, build, and leave with the products of your labor (as a reference for your teaching). A laptop is recommended, but not required.


The week will be led by Josh Gary, Woodshop Teacher at Sutherlin High School, and Wes Crawford, AST teacher and welding instructor. In addition, community college instructors and industry representatives will NOT be guest speakers, but active instructors, assisting with teaching applicable skills and shop management for some of the lab modules - they will work with you in the lab while teaching and answering questions. They will not present AT you.

The week will be structured with limited classroom instruction, some guided lab work, and more individualized plans and work time - modeling what typically happens in a high school environment. Welding instruction will start with skill development, and quickly move into applicable projects that build fabrication skills and apply welding abilities. Woods instruction will be highly individualized, with participants choosing and developing their own skills and teaching abilities from a menu of projects. All materials will be provided as part of the course.


The course will begin July 29, 2024 at Sutherlin High School. Sessions will run 8am-5pm Monday thru Thursday. Lunch will be provided daily as will two dinners.  Payment must be received before the course begins. Please make checks payable to Oregon Agriculture Teachers Association. For those not taking the course for graduate credit through OSU - Agricultural Education Department, there will be a lab fee ($700).  In order to register for the graduate credit, participants who do this will NOT pay the lab fee but will register for 3 graduate credits and pay for those through OSU.

Registration will be available until June 1, on a first-come, first-served basis. Participation will be capped to ensure a valuable experience for all those attending. If registrations are at an insufficient level, the course may not be held.


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