Thank you for your interest in this year's summer conference.  Please review the information before registering to avoid errors and needs to re-register.

Summer Conference begins Tuesday late afternoon with the dinner and business session.  Regular registration covers this thru Thursday night's banquet.

OPTIONAL:  there are four optional Deep Dive sessions available this year.  These are not required, and if you choose to do one you 1) may only select ONE as they run at the same time, and 2) must attend.  Deep Dives are limited in attendance with the only fee being lunch.  Cancellations or no-shows hurt everyone; after June 15 they will result in a $50 surcharge being sent to your school.

Deep Dive Options are listed here.  After reviewing, scroll to the bottom to register:



Tractor Safety Certification
Instructor: Daniel Bolen
When: Tuesday, June 22
Capacity: 20
Cost: $20


The US Department of Labor stipulates youth under the age of 16 cannot work in an agricultural setting without first obtaining training and certificate exempting them from those requirements.  The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries and many insurance companies set that age at 18.  Under DOL guidance, only Agriculture Teachers and 4-H Extension Agents are authorized to sign off on that training and certificate.  In Oregon, we have adopted the National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP) as the training standards that must be followed in order to grant that certification.  Agriculture Instructors must be certified as a Community Lead Instructor (CLI) in order to grant that certification.  This Deep Dive Session provides that training to instructors.  Content of the training will include how to conduct a training program, what is required of students, and how to set up a test course.  Participants need long pants and closed-toe shoes, and be prepared to spend half the day outside, rain or shine. Participants will be required to complete an online training from Penn State prior to the Deep Dive Session.  The cost of this online training is $39.00.  Information will be sent to registered participants about completing the online course prior to the conference.  


The New Oregon FFA Veterinary Science Curriculum
Instructors: Elizabeth Ammon, Wes Crawford, Leila Graves
When: Tuesday, June 22
Cost: $10
Capacity: 30

One of the goals of the Oregon FFA Career Development is to support the classroom and curriculum around areas of focus with career development events.  The first module developed with the support of HB 2444 funds is the Oregon FFA Veterinary Science curriculum.  In this deep dive, we will be hands-on as we immerse ourselves in these new curriculum resources and the new Vet Sci Instruction Traveling Trunks.  Whether you are brand new to teaching vet science, or looking for new ways to learn and teach practical, hands-on skills, you'll gain a great deal from this Deep Dive workshop!  Leave confident and prepared to instruct your students better in veterinary science in the classroom AND for the CDE! A project of the Oregon FFA Career Development Continuum.



The New Oregon FFA Precision Ag Technology Curriculum
Instructor: Jaysa Fillmore, Jeffrey Cooper
When: Tuesday, June 22

Aligned with the goals of Oregon FFA providing support in the area of classroom curriculum, this curriculum around precision ag is a sequential series of lessons designed to give students a basic understanding of the how, what, and why of precision agriculture. You will learn how to integrate these units into an introductory agriculture course or embed it in a more advanced course as part of a stand alone lesson. Lesson topics include what is precision ag, how it is used, field verification, and using GPS and GIS. Be ready to dive into new and exciting ways to teach students about how precision farming is making a difference.  A project of the Oregon FFA Career Development Continuum.



Financial Literacy
Instructor: TBD
When: Tuesday, June 22
Capacity: 40

"What even are taxes? Do I actually have to pay them?" "I can buy a brand new car after high school right?" "I get 20% off my purchase if I get this credit card. What could go wrong?" We've all heard questions like these that make us scratch our heads. What if we were able to get ahead of these questions students have (or should have!) and take an extra step towards preparing students for their future, no matter what path they choose. In this deep dive, you will be equipped with an understanding of an online Ramsey Foundations curriculum package, including over 70 videos, activities, and lesson plans. You'll learn how you could incorporate this content into your course curriculum in a way that fills a full semester or 9-week course, or how to choose and implement relevant topics as stand alone lessons in your classrooms.This content is freely accessible to you and all Oregon agricultural education students, so that we can empower students to make positive decisions about money, spending, and their futures. A project of the Oregon FFA Leadership Development Continuum.