It All Starts in the Classroom

Break down the basics and start in the classroom to be a successful teacher! More tips and tricks! Host: OATA Leadership Team

Staging Your Calendar-Deadlines

Breaking down your calendar to meet deadlines. Host: Toby Koehn Lead: Meghan Biggs

Shifting from Lecture to Hands-On Instruction

Join us for a break down of instruction tactics. Host: Dan McNary Lead: Leah Smith

Building Your Knowledge Base & Advancing on the Pay Scale

Host: Braden Groth Lead: Chad Waldron

Agri-Science Projects

The design behind the Agri-science fairs as well as some ingenuity to keep things interesting. Host: Dan McNary Lead: Kathy Mayfield

Working with Advisory Committees

When working with the advisory committees, what are their responsibilities? When should you utilize them? Host: Braden Groth Lead: Reynold Gardner

Work and Life Balance

Struggle with the balance of your personal and professional life? So do many others within our great career choice. Join us for some tips and tricks. Host: Chelcee Mansfield Lead: Lance Hill

Program Planning: Long Term Vs. Short Term

Join the discussion on some tips and tricks on your program planning! Host: Toby Koehn Lead: Jeff Papke

FFA Membership

Join us to learn how to submit FFA membership for your chapter. Host: Toby Koehn Leads: Lee Letsch & Jaimee Brentano

Teach Ag 101: Advisory Committees

Teach Ag 101: State Convention